Computer Virus & Malware Removal

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Viruses and malware can infect any computer and cause anything from the relatively minor aggravation of the computer running slow to bringing the entire system to a standstill and causing a hard drive crash and loss of data. New viruses and malware are created every day, and no one program can prevent, find and remove everything. The safest course of action is to keep all files backed up regularly and use a purchased anti-virus program instead of freeware from the Internet. All wireless networks, particularly business networks, need a firewall to protect them from outside users. Please see our page on firewalls for more information. However, even with all those precautions in place, you may still find that something has crept into your computer. Viruses and malware can be extremely difficult to completely remove. Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC can come to your business in Albuquerque and get your computers cleaned up and running again.

What is a virus, anyway? How is a virus different from malware?

A virus is a malicious program that gets into your computer through a link that is clicked or an attachment that is opened. Viruses self-replicate, making them difficult to completely remove. Trojans and worms are types of viruses. Viruses are often written to prevent your anti-virus software from working after your computer becomes infected. Viruses will also cause fake security pop-ups to appear suddenly. Clicking the popup causes the virus to further infect and disable the computer. The terms virus and malware are sometimes used interchangeably, but malware is considered a separate category of malicious software which includes adware, spyware and tracking cookies. Unlike a virus, malware does not self-replicate. Malware is often used for tracking purposes. Most tracking cookies are relatively harmless, but a type of program called a keylogger can enable a hacker to steal your passwords and gain access to your E-mail and files.

How do viruses get on my computer?

Bad web surfing habits and opening links and attachments in E-mails allow malicious software to infect your computer. Unfortunately, your employees may be doing things at work like downloading music, which is a very common way to get viruses. Viruses can also hide in seemingly innocent files, such as .PDF files.

What are the signs that my computer has a virus?

Running slow, opening hundreds of pop-ups and your home page being redirected to a strange site are all symptoms of viruses or malware in your system.

What will Bear Canyon Consulting do if my computer has a virus?

We will probably have to take your computer back to our offices because virus removal requires running multiple scans and can take a long time. However, we have all the latest debugging technology and our expert technicians have over two decades of experience in every type of computer issue imaginable.

If you are looking for computer virus removal in Albuquerque, call Bear Canyon Consulting. We can usually come to you the same day, assess your situation and find the best way to get you back to work fast.