Computer Updates & Repair

ugrades and repairs overview
Computer and network problems can bring your business to a standstill. Software and hardware upgrades are confusing and don't always work the way you expect. When you need computer repair services or upgrades to your computer or network, Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC, brings our twenty-five years of experience to you.

Why choose Bear Canyon Consulting?

If you are looking for experienced computer and network technicians in Albuquerque, we have over two decades of expertise as well as the latest in debugging technology. We can come to your business, usually on the same day, and help get you back to work.

I need computer repairs. What can you fix?

We can handle all of your computer repair needs, from small to catastrophic. If your computer is running slow and dragging, we can clean it up and defragment your hard drive to get you back up to speed. If your computer opens unwanted popup windows or you notice strange icons on your desktop, we can search for viruses and malware and remove them. If you can't access your E-mail or believe your account has been hacked, we can help you get back in and reset your passwords. If your computer needs hardware repairs, we can replace failing parts. You can read more about computer repairs on this page: Computer/Network Repair.

What about upgrades?

We can upgrade your computer's software, such as moving you up to the newest operating system. We also perform hardware upgrades. If your computer needs more RAM, we'll install it. We can help you set up new devices such as printers and scanners and install the proper drivers so that all your devices see each other and can communicate.

What if my business needs a network and E-mail?

We can build your network, set up your E-mail and help if you have network problems.

I need to back up my data but I don't have time.

We can work with you to find the best plan for safeguarding your crucial files. We can also help with data recovery, but the best time to think about a backup is before a catastrophic event such as a hard drive crash, theft, fire, or water damage.

If you need reliable, same-day computer repair or upgrades in Albuquerque, please give Bear Canyon Consulting a call. We'll come to you so you can get back to work.