Sample Projects

Details of Past Projects

Network Crash Repair-Local Travel Agency

On site emergency network crash repair for All World Travel.

Network Move and Merger - National Moving company

Network merger and redesign. Client bought local competing business and acquired their network equipment. Broadband was implemented into the network as well. Router work, line assessed and ordered. BCC oversaw and implemented entire move. Wiring work. Software installation.

Network Rebuild - LANL

Bear Canyon Consulting, in partnership with Full Moon Consulting, is currently in negotiation to rebuild a network for LANL this year integrating Linux, Win2000 and various other Window clients.

Samba Integration

Installation of Samba to allow integration of Unix and Win.

Linux Server Build - War Reserve (LANL)

Linux Server build with database installation (ColdFusion) for the War Reserve Materials Compatibility Board in Los Alamos (LANL), New Mexico Sever built to specifications, delivered and installed on client site.

Network Move - Local Moving Company

Bear Canyon Consulting was asked to set up a network that had been moved from old facility to new facility.

Virus repair, broadband/router configuration, on site training

- Local Construction Equipment Company
Redesign of network and installation of DSL. Upgraded and patched all machines. On site training.

13 Computer Network - Personal

Designed and built an 8-computer network using 3 different OS's. Windows 2000, RedHat Linux and Sun Solaris 8. Network was then assigned IP addresses and put on the Internet using DSL. Integration using Samba.

Fiber Optic ISP Build - New Mexico Fiber (now

Designed and Founded local Fiber-Optic ISP utilizing Sun Microsystems, Cisco and 3Com Equipment.

Wireless Office Installation - New Mexico Fiber, LLC

Designed and built a 2-computer network. Network was then put on Clearwire Wireless Internet. Localized shared printer.