Computer Software & Hardware Upgrades

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Looking for help in Albuquerque with your computer hardware or software upgrade? Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC has twenty-five years of experience with hardware and software upgrades and repairs. We can usually come to you the same day to do your computer upgrades and get you back to work.

Computer software and hardware upgrades can be confusing, but your computer needs to be kept up to date to function efficiently and avoid data loss. Computers running old operating systems may have security holes that can allow viruses and malware into your system, and failing mechanical parts that need to be replaced can lead to a hard drive crash and catastrophic data loss. Please see our pages on computer and network repair and backups for further information.

Can you update my virus software?

Yes, we can, and this is one of the most critical updates that your computer needs. New viruses and malware are created every day and if your antivirus software is out of date, your computer is vulnerable to hacking and data loss.

My network needs new hardware but I don't know how to install it.

A faulty modem or router can prevent you from getting online and slow your business down. If you are constantly having to reset your modem or router to get online, you may need new hardware. We build and repair networks and can install a new router or modem to get your network back to speed again.

What if my computer needs a new hard drive?

If your computer is making strange noises such as clicking or grinding, this could be a sign of a failing hard drive. We can back up your data, install a new hard drive and transfer your data back to your computer so that you don't lose any of your crucial files.

Can you update my operating system?

Yes, we can, and we can help you back up your data before making any major updates to your OS. Older operating systems may leave your computer vulnerable to viruses and malware and may not be compatible with today's software and web browsers.

I installed a new printer or scanner but my computer can't see it.

You may need updates for your drivers. We can find and install the proper drivers to get all your devices communicating again.

Whether you need a PC hardware upgrade, an upgrade to your laptop, a firmware upgrade or additional memory, or RAM, Bear Canyon Consulting can come to you, protect your data and get you back to work fast.