Computer Hardware Installation & Upgrades

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Installation of computer and network hardware requires expertise to avoid damage to mechanical parts or loss of data. If you need help with a PC hardware installation or laptop hardware installation and you're looking for expert technicians in Albuquerque, contact Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC. We have twenty-five years of experience and can usually come to you the same day to get you up and running again.

My computer is making strange noises and I think I may need a new hard drive.

If your computer is making clicking or grinding noise, your hard drive may be failing. We have the latest power monitoring tools to diagnose the health of your hard drive. We can back up your data, install a new hard drive and transfer your data back to your computer so that you don't lose any valuable files. Please see our page on backups for more information.

I keep getting kicked offline and have to constantly reset my modem or router.

Faulty modems or routers can keep you from getting online and interfere with your network. We can install and configure a new router or (cable, DSL, etc) modem so that you can work efficiently again.

What about other hardware, like CD or DVD drives?

Installing a new CD/DVD drive can be tricky, particularly on a laptop, but without a functioning CD/DVD drive you can't do basic things such as use your system repair discs if your computer needs to be reformatted. We can install all types of PC and laptop hardware, such as CD/DVD drives, motherboards and read/write heads.

My computer is slow and can't handle having multiple programs open at once.

You may need more memory, or RAM. This is a hardware installation. We can assess your computer and your needs and install the right kind of RAM to get you up to the speed that you want. We'll also test your computer to make sure the issue isn't virus or malware related.

I added devices to my network but they aren't working, or my computers can't see them.

We build and repair networks and we can install and configure your new printers, scanners and faxes so that all the devices on your network can communicate. We will find and install the proper drivers for all your new devices.

For safe, fast and expert hardware installation in Albuquerque, call Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC. We'll come to you, access your needs and help you get your PC or laptop up to speed again.