Computer Network Repair

repair your network to stay productive
Computer problems can bring your life and business to a stand still. When you're searching for fast and reliable computer repair in Albuquerque, Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC brings twenty-five years of experience to you. Bear Canyon Consulting will come to your business, usually on the same day, to get you up and running again.

Why Bear Canyon Consulting?

We have over two decades of experience solving hardware and software problems. We have the most up-to-date tools for debugging your computers and monitoring power usage. We come to you so that you don't have to worry about unhooking and unplugging your computers and transporting them.

What kinds of computer problems can Bear Canyon fix?

Our biggest calls are centered around the following:


Slow or No Internet Connection - If you're having problems getting on the Internet or your connection is spotty give us a call. We'll come out to your office, diagnose the problem, discuss your options and go from there. Our goal is to get you back online asap! Hardware issue causing your problem? We can install and configure a new modem for you. Hardware breaks down!

E-mail Issues - Do you have a new employee or need to put your staff on a new E-mail system? Need to upgrade your E-mail software? Password changes? These are all typical E-mail related services we get called out for. If you want to discuss E-mail options and what is available for you to use, we can do that too.

Slow Computer - Very common! We'll run a set of scans to determine if your computer is having any issues related to a virus or malicious behavior. The various scans help us track down the cause of the problem. Once identified we can discuss your options and proceed from there. It may be that the computer simply needs to be cleaned up! Give us a call if your computer seems to be dragging and not running as efficiently as it used to be.

What about viruses and malware?

If your computer runs extremely slow or opens hundreds of popup windows, we can scan for the latest viruses and malware. Please see our page on viruses and malware for more information.

I need to back up my computer, or several computers.

We can help you find and implement the best backup plan for your data. In the event of a catastrophic data loss due to a virus, hardware failure or accident. Keep in mind it's best to have all your data backed up before something goes wrong! Call us to discuss back up solutions for your home or business computer.

Whether you need home or business computer repair in Albuquerque, we have the experience and the latest equipment to get you set up or back on your feet.