Backup Solutions

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Every computer user needs to regularly back up their data. Home users have photos, video, music and documents that are personally irreplaceable. A business could be crippled by the loss of client files and crucial data. While everyone knows that they need to perform back ups, many people don't and those that do often don't do it frequently enough. Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC can help you decide on the best plan for backing up and safeguarding your important data.

Why do I need to back up my files?

Computers are damaged by viruses, mishandling, mechanical failure, fire and water every day. A virus can cripple your computer and necessitate reformatting the hard drive, wiping out all data that hasn't been backed up. Lap tops are frequently dropped or have liquids spilled into their keyboards. Desktop computers are kicked and knocked over. Hard drives fail due to overheating, hard shutdowns and power surges. Fire and water damage to an office is always a possibility. Finally, human error results in files being accidentally overwritten and deleted.

What are some methods that I can use for backing up my files myself?

Your files can be backed up to external hard drives or to a dedicated server. We can come to your business, set up the equipment you need and show you how to perform manual backups based upon your needs. Or, we can install software that will perform automatic backups, eliminating the need for you to remember and take the time to do your own. Automatic backups save the newest update of every file, so that if you need to do a restore, you don't lose days or weeks of work. Ideally, you should keep a copy of your data stored somewhere other than your office in case of theft, fire or flood.

I heard about off-site backups. How do they work?

Online services back up your data to their own server. Your data is encrypted so that only you can access it and an initial backup can take weeks if you have a substantial amount of data. These services can be a solution to finding your own safe, off-site storage for your files. We can recommend the best service for you and install the software needed to insure you experience no loss of data.

As a business owner with critical files to safeguard, you may even prefer to use more than one backup method for peace of mind. Need help? We can help you decide what's best for your business.

If you need personalized backup solutions in Albuquerque, Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC can come to you, often on the same day, access your needs and help you plan to protect your business. We have twenty-five years of experience in meeting your computer and networking needs.